Machine Tending systems from EDM Intelligent Solutions are the perfect way to easily increase the throughput of your existing machining centers. Using a six axis robot from your preferred manufacturer, each machine tending system makes it easy to achieve lights out efficiency by having a robot or robots automatically load and unload workpieces as well as cutters, endmills and electrodes.

Utilizing a six axis robot from your preferred manufacturer coupled with advanced 3D scanning sensors, the automated inspection system with robotic sensor head (RSH) from EDM Intelligent Solutions is well suited to scan, measure and inspect even your largest parts.

EDM Intelligent Solutions offers its Stand Alone Automated Measurement (SAAM) solution for applications that require the highest level of inspection detail while still maintaining an ease of use that allows everyone on your production floor to operate it safely and efficiently. The streamlined human machine interface as well as total access control allows operators, managers, engineers and administration access to quick, repeatable and traceable measurement all in a package that allows the inspection task to be brought out to the production floor.

Pairing the EDM Intelligent Solutions RLU (Robot Load/Unload) system along with our SAAM (Stand Alone Automated Measurement) system brings advanced, high precision 3D optical metrology capabilities to nearly any manufacturing process. The Near Line Inspection System (NLIS) from EDM Intelligent Solutions is the quick and easy way to integrate 3D optical metrology directly to the production process.

EDM Intelligent Solutions offers Closed Loop Manufacturing (CLM) for multiple machining technologies. By combining some of the best high precision machine tools with fully integrated optical and tactile inspection, all in one machine, CLM brings self-guided production into reality by allowing the machine tool to continuously machine, inspect, and adjust its processes in order to meet the ever shrinking tolerances on high precision work pieces. Closed-Loop Manufacturing offers a state-of-the-art, self-optimizing machining method for the production of precision components in the µm and sub-µm range.

EDM Intelligent Solutions combines the best high precision automation equipment with fully customizable high speed spindles to produce automated material removal solutions that meet your most stringent requirements. Processes that require cutting, grinding, deburring, deflashing, degating, polishing or routering can be easily automated with a customized material removal solution from EDM Intelligent Solutions.

EDM Intelligent Solutions provides custom automation solutions for manufacturing, metrology, and inspection in a wide range of industries.










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