Robotic 3D Optical Metrology Systems
Inspect even the largest parts in 3D with fully robotic 3D optical metrology scanning systems.
Automated Near Line Inspection Systems
Bring automated lab grade 3D optical inspection to the production floor
Custom Robotic Machine Tending Cells
Achieve greater lights out efficiency by automatically loading and unloading workpieces and tools with a robotic machine tending cell.
Self-Guided EDM Machining Cells with CLM
Using in machine measurement and real time feedback allows the machine to guide its own process.
Automated Laser Machining Cells with CLM
Machine some of the hardest materials with real time, in machine measurement and feedback.
EDM Intelligent Solutions engineers, develops and manufactures automated manufacturing, metrology, and inspection systems utilizing some of the newest automation technologies available.
We combine state of the art automation and manufacturing technologies along with 20 years of industry experience to provide our customers with the best automation solutions for their needs. Specializing in machine tool intelligence, in line and near line metrology and inspection, robotic machine tending and pick and place systems, we have a wealth of experience in automated manufacturing, inspection and handling of parts in all shapes and sizes while accommodating the tight tolerances that are required in these high precision processes. Our full range of standard and custom systems allow us to quickly fulfill your intelligent automation requirements.

Industry Leading Equipment

Robots, 3D Optical Metrology Sensors, Electrical Discharge Machines (EDM), and Lasers. We integrate some of the newest equipment from industry leaders such as FANUC and Makino to provide you with faster cycle times, more throughput and higher quality.


Harnessing machine intelligence and learning software powered by EDM Department Inc, our solutions provide easy to use, adaptive controls for machining and inspection, all at your fingertips.


We provide full customization of every solution we offer. Just select the base product you'd like and we can modify it to meet your exact application requirements. From table size and safety enclosures to custom human machine interfaces and full cycle traceability, any modification is possible.

Our Products

Machine Tending
Machine Tending
Robotic Machine Tending makes it easy to achieve higher lights out efficiency by having a robot automatically load and unload workpieces.
Robotic Metrology
Robotic Metrology
The Robotic Metrology system allows 3D optical inspection of parts of nearly any shape and size.
Automated Metrology
Automated Metrology
The streamlined human machine interface allows the inspection task to be brought out to the production floor.
Near Line Metrology
Near Line Metrology
Bring advanced, high precision 3D optical metrology capabilities to nearly any manufacturing process.
Material Removal
Material Removal
Automated Material Removal systems increase throughput and improve safety of grinding, deburring, and polishing tasks.
Closed Loop Manufacturing (CLM) for EDM Machining combines industry leading EDM based machining centers with state of the art 3D optical metrology and tactile inspection all in one machine.
Closed Loop Manufacturing (CLM) for Laser Machining combines industry leading laser based machining centers with state of the art 3D optical metrology and tactile inspection all in one machine.


EDM Intelligent Solutions provides custom automation solutions for manufacturing, metrology, and inspection in a wide range of industries.










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